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Welcome to knok first. Home of myself and what I love to do, design.
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Mobile Designer

I am a Visual Interaction Designer. My current work & expertise is in mobile user interface design.

Mobile Wallpapers

My off the clock passion is creating one off wallpapers and themes for mobile devices.

I love all

I love all technology. I’m somewhat of a phone hobo. Don’t judge. Yes. You.

Available to all

I try to keep all my work available & free to all. All I ask is if you use my work, please credit it.

My Experience

  • Visual Interaction Design 60%
  • Photoshop 70%
  • User Interaction 80%
  • Illustrator 50%
  • CSS3 50%
  • HTML 50%
  • Mobile Design 80%
  • JQuery 30%


Behang is a wallpaper app that was designed for use on Android. It contains wallpapers handcrafted 100% by knokfirst. Cloud based, so the app itself is barely over 1MB. This also lets the walls inside the application update without having to download a new version of the app from the play store. We have also created a site that gets updated the same time the application does. We are constantly updating the app to improve the experience.


BLink is an extension to Behang. Other developers can use Behang as a platform to showcase their or walls without having to build an entire app themselves. We provide a template where anyone can just add in a link to their own walls and be viewed inside Behang. We wanted to make it simple and easy for others to show of their work as well.

More details here


Blink Theme

This is a theme that I created for the CyanogenMod 11 Theme engine. It is based of the colors that I used for the BLink extension of Behang. I wanted to create an easy on the eyes theme. Simple and clean. It is an ongoing effort and I continue to theme as many apps as I can to keep the look and feel constant throughout the android experience.

Take a look on the play store